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Topic: optical white noise

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    optical white noise

    So I have one PC with Gigastudio, and another with Cubase. Both have 2408\'s. I had it running analog just fine, when I switched to optical, all of a sudden there\'s intermittent clicks, pops and white noise happening. Intermittent is the key word here. For 20-30 seconds it runs fine then 5 seconds of noise, then another 30 seconds of clarity. All applications are running at 44.1, from Gigastudio to Cubase, to the 324 consoles. ALL...in 44.1. Because I could not seem to locate the problem I decided to try the SPDif connections and got the same result. There\'s nothing wrong with the levels, all the sample rates match, there\'s no reason there should be any noise at all. I\'ve also experimented with routing the clock through various banks but nothing seems to fix the noise. I\'m all out of ideas. HEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: optical white noise

    Is there a common clock connection? If both 2408s are on their internal clock, you can get the symptoms you describe.

    Remember the \'Highlander Digital Clock Rule\': There can be only ONE!

    Dasher (Duncan McClock)

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    Re: optical white noise

    Hey that\'s funny [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Thanks for the comment soundsmith, I was pretty sure this was going to go unanswered.

    Well I\'ve remedied the intermittent noise. I think you\'re right, it was a clock thing. I have the clock set to internal on the giga machine and going out SPDif on the cubase machine. There\'s still a tremendous amount of clicks and pops though. Almost like the hard drives are struggling, except it doesn\'t seem to occur when I\'m going analog so I don\'t see how it could be the drives. As best I can tell, all the levels are staying out of the red, so it\'s not clipping. What else could it possibly be?

    *EDIT: I also just monitored the signal before it leaves the giga 2408 and the signal\'s clean. It\'s after it gets to the cubase 2408 that there\'s clicks and pops, so it\'s definitely not the drives*

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    Re: optical white noise

    Well, maybe it is clipping. I can\'t imagine there\'s many people using 2 2408s together so finding info on how to get 2 cue mix consoles to cooperate together might be hard. As of now I\'ve gotten the clicks and pops down to a minimum by attenuating the faders in the cue mix console. However, I\'m confused as to why I\'m getting a signal when I have no outputs assigned in the cuemix console on the giga machine. I have the first 2 channels of ADAT-A turned on, but not assigned, plus the master fader is turned on but not assigned. So does this mean that the 2408 on the Giga machine is routing the signal as assigned in the routing console but not gaining it? I guess that\'s what I want. I ask a lot of questions, huh?

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