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Topic: The price is right...

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    The price is right...

    This is just to let you all know, that I found a FULL version of Gigasampler available for US $329.00 (three hundred twenty nine US dollars). I\'ve spent a great deal of time on the web trying to find more reasonable price, so I _know_ that all other places are selling the full version of Gigasampler for $500 or so... Also, I would like to stress the fact that I am not associated with this dealer in any way, with the exception of purchasing my copy of GS from them. This is the web site: http://www.sbfilmaudio.com/nemesys.html
    If you\'re shoping for GS, you may just use the contact link from that web site. However, I will post here direct e-mail of the salesperson with whom I exchanged a few messages before I sent the money in. The gentleman is very responsive and helpful, and that\'s my second reason for writing this post...:
    Tim Kehl tim@sbfilmaudio.com
    I hope this will help to a few good people to get this great software at a reasonable price.
    Well, I\'m off now to find some place where I can get Pulsar Pro for something around $700. That\'s a tough one... :-)

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    Re: The price is right...

    Sounds too good to be true. Based on common margins in the business, he is either selling below cost, is selling pirated software, or the price is a mistake, unless he is foreshadowing a big price drop with the introduction of GigaStation.

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    Re: The price is right...

    To tleich:
    Well, I\'m inclined to agree with your first and last guesses; I will find out by the end of this week - UPS takes a few days to deliver. However, I will not post the result on this board for the reasons which I will state in my next message.

    Best regards

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    Re: The price is right...

    To tleich:
    Ummm... let me put it this way (not to offend anyone) :
    I am holding in my hands a shrink-wrapped full version 1.60 of Gigasampler.

    cheers :-)

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    Re: The price is right...

    Same story here...
    Elle, Antwerp Belgium

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