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Topic: Please recomend solution for 5.1 surround?

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    Please recomend solution for 5.1 surround?

    HI I\'m wanting to upgrade my sound card solution of using my old surround set up of cheap $90 4.1 surround into actual 5.1 studio monitors and I have a $2,000 budget for speakers and a sub and a new sound card that will handle all the outputs. I do not have a mixing board-just the 2 PC\'s. If I can get a good deal for less, that would be great!
    Also would there be a way to get sound from both the Giga PC and the Sequencing PC? Right now only have the 4.1 surround on the sequencer and regular stereo comp speakers on the giga. Room Dimensions are about 15X10 square. Thank you for your help!
    PS if I decided to only use Stereo monitors any recomendations? I\'ve heard the Mackie 824 and they were pretty good, and I also heard a pair of Alesis M1 (spell check) that were not too shabby either.

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    Re: Please recomend solution for 5.1 surround?

    Well, I am using a set of Event PS8s. Beautiful sound. I haven\'t heard the M-audio BX8s yet, but have heard good reports. As far as getting the audio from one machine to the next, either use s/pdif or lightpipe. You could also use a decent set of analog outs and go into a small mixer as well.
    Chris Caouette

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