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Topic: Play Giga 3.0 today!!!

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    Play Giga 3.0 today!!!

    According to SOS review the ESI Pro WaMi Rack 192X has an excellent audio quality, 192 kHz capability, Multi-client and Multi-streaming drivers and DirectWire features allowing digital transfer from one application to another. DirectWire makes it possible(for instance) to internally transfer multiple outputs from Gigastudio GSIF drivers directly into Cubase\'s ASIO 2.0 inputs, so that you can ADD VST AND DIRECTX PLUG-INS TO THEM.

    Is this not one of the biggest issues found on everyone\'s wish list for Gigastudio 3.0?
    After searching this board I noticed that this card with DirectWire hardly got mentioned.

    Am I missing here something? What?

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    Re: Play Giga 3.0 today!!!

    \"Am I missing here something? What?\"

    YES you are! You\'re missing the ability to properly label your thread topic.

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    Re: Play Giga 3.0 today!!!

    Sending my Giga instruments through my sequencer while using all kinds of VST-plugs is something I\'ve been really waiting for. I\'m still hoping and waiting that Giga 3.0 will make this possible.I\'m still using outboard reverbs and an old Roland mixingdesk, without meterbridge.
    Programs like Halion and Kontakt are VST-instruments. You can send them through any VST-plug you want, no problem there. I don\'t have Halion. I don\' have Kontakt. I do have Giga. I like Giga! But, unfortunately, I can\'t use plugs on it.
    But then I read about this thing called DirectWire and its ability to turn Giga drivers into ASIO drivers. Well, my heart starts beating faster and sweat is trickling down my armpits. Finally hearing my Gigasounds processed by VST-plus in Cubase? WOW! That means I don\'t have to wait for Giga 3.0. For me it\'s already there!!!

    Now I only need a proper name for my thread.
    Hmmm...maybe something with Giga 3.0...

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