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Topic: Need aditional hardware to build Gigastudio computer...

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    Re: Need aditional hardware to build Gigastudio computer...

    Hello! you are a little vague in your post to get a complete answer such as the type of music you will want to make... because for orchastra the 96 is very limited I would strongly urge you to go for 160! if you are only going to be doing small tracks of maybe like 4 or so 96 may be ok depending on your samples you use. The equipment mentioned again is hard to reply to because we do not know what kind of sound you want to achieve. I would say if you are only using Giga 96 on it\'s own comp you would be fine with a 1.4 GHZ or maybe less. Ram is questionable but if you\'re going for the new motherbaord I would get more ram and also geta board that supports DDR ram it\'s fairly cheap these days and a system upgrade for what you have would probably cost you in the neighborhood of $3-$500. I\'d like to answer you more when I have a better idea of what you want to do for giga music. I do not want to point you in the wrong direction. So please fill us in with style of music what instruments you might be using to record with i.e. keyboard and a guitar, etc... take care for now!


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    Need aditional hardware to build Gigastudio computer...

    Hello everybody,

    I\'ve been playing around with Gigasampler quite some time and decided that I should \"upgrade to\" Gigastudio. I was thinking of Gigastudio96.

    Anyway, I\'d like to run Gigastudio on a separate computer and control this computer via MIDI with my main DAW-computer.

    I still have some hardware left, all I really need is a new motherboard and monitor and maybe some stuff you might recommend. Here\'s a list of the things I\'ve got:

    * Audiophile2496
    * Diamond Viper v550 video card
    * 512 MB Kingston (KVR133X...)
    * 30 GB Maxtor 7200 rpm
    * 10 GB Seagate (slower HD, for OS)
    * case, power supply, diskdrive, CDROM drive, etc...

    Here, the obvious question:

    What kind of motherboard and CPU would you recommend?

    Also, are there things in the list you would consider \"not suitable for Gigastudio computer\"?

    And: would I need more RAM (another 512MB?)?

    I would also like to add another midi interface. Any suggestions?

    Your feedback will be appreciated!

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    Re: Need aditional hardware to build Gigastudio computer...

    Hello žETH,

    Thanks for the reply! I write all kinds of music, but mostly progressive rock. So I use all kinds of sounds in my music, but I\'d also like to be able to occasionally add some realistic strings and small orchestra parts to the mix, hence my interest in Gigastudio.

    You\'re saying Gigastudio 96 isn\'t powerfull enough for a full blown orchestra... well maybe I\'d like to be able to do such a thing, so I\'ll be considering 160 anyway.

    And because I\'m new to this I think I\'ll start off with the now very cheap Advanced Orchestra library, and maybe add other libraries in the future if needed.

    Is there a particular motherboard you could recommend? Or what kind of chipset and processor?

    I\'ve had some problems with my Audiophile in the past: it didn\'t seem to work very well with my old motherboard (KT7 RAID). In other words, I\'m very carefully here and want to know sure if a motherboard works fine with this card.

    EDIT, AGAIN: Is it possible to upgrade Gigastudio 96 to 160 later?

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