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Topic: Question for ApeirOn

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    Question for ApeirOn

    Did you ever try the \"to host\" option on your korg in hopes of bypassing the problems with the audiophile 2496 card? I\'d be interested to hear if that worked.

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    Re: Question for ApeirOn


    I have tried the \"to host\" solution. It has been a while since I did that. Thing is: the problems I had seemed to stem from the combination of the Audiophile and the motherboard (Abit KT7 RAID). I have bought a new motherboard, and at least the problems I had with the KT7 RAID and Audiophile combination regarding recording audio are gone. I didn\'t do any midi recording though, but I can imagine that the problems are gone with this newer and seemingly better motherboard.

    I\'ve read a lot of topics on forums where Audiophile users complained about pops and clicks and midi problems, and they all had the KT7 and other similar (same chipset etc) motherboards. I now have the Asus A7V8X. Audio recording is no problem at all, and I bet MIDI is ok too, but I will have to find that out still... hope this helps.

    What kind of motherboard do you use anyway?

    EDIT: By the way, I tried \"To Host\", and still had the same problems, but this is hopefully caused by the motherboard I had then.

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