OK, I\'ll admit I\'m a novice when it comes to MIDI but I understand it and have used it all along to drive keyboards .....no biggee

But now I have to get a couple of things to work \'intra\' PC so I hope the experts out there can help.

I have GS160 on a PC with MOTU 2408mk3 and MIDI Express XT parallel hooked to it. I\'m driving it with a Fatar 880 controller.

I\'m not concerned with recording just yet, I just want to route everthing so I can ust \'hear\' the sample playback.

I can load samples into GS...I know I\'m getting MIDI contact through the XT......and I have cumix in the 2408 enabled and configured for analog 1&2 out.

Shouldn\'t I be able to not only hear the samples (through the 2408 headphoes at least) but also be able to see the input signal in the GS desktop?

I got nada.......all help will be appreciated