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Topic: Assignetment 2C

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    Assignement 2C

    Perhaps is this the answer of the problem, to make little pedals on the "crossing notes" with 2 woodwind instruments. The contrabassoon does sound profound and it seems to be a step nearer to the solution. The flutes will also be duplicated to hold the balance.
    a.Version 2C audio
    violinist, clarinettist, electric bass player.
    All this amateur and dilettanti.

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    Re: Assignetment 2C

    mrcaster seems to be heading down the right road, but I think right off the bat- the lower flute (in octaves) is a lost cause. The approach is very similar to what I expected to be the next step. This is way better than any movie mystery.

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    Re: Assignetment 2C

    Thank you for your remark nova.musik. The question now, is how to give importance to the upper voice(flutes are not very powerful in the woodwind group): I know that this (octaves) is perhaps not the best solution, but to let both flute- voices in unisonous can´t be right, because 1 flute (Woodwind) + 1 flute(Woodwind) are not two dynamic flutes (as we read in RK/Belkin).
    Is there a solution? How can we balance the upper voice?
    violinist, clarinettist, electric bass player.
    All this amateur and dilettanti.

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    Re: Assignetment 2C

    Well my guess is that we are going to have to move the Oboe to the lead line. Or find someway to double the lead line with another instrument--or both. I think downgrade had a good thing going with the French horn, the only problem with that version is it sounded like a brass choral and not woodwinds. That basson part has got my head spinning. Even though it is not wrong, It does not seem to work --it seems detached from the rest of the piece. My instincts would be:
    1) double the oboe and flute.
    2)The basson plays the lead line an ocatave lower.

    That means 2 more instruments need to be added. Have a bass clarinet play the lowest line and add a muted french horn part to what was the oboe line.
    --That is how I would hope to survive the day. My version would be melody heavy, but nobody would throw things at me.

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