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Topic: GS + ADAT Does it really work?

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    GS + ADAT Does it really work?

    I cannot get GS to send audio out the ADATS.

    I have tried GINA 24, Layla 24, MOTU 828 and MOTU 896. None of them work with ADAT only Analog Outs.

    The only device that worked so far was an Aardvark24 and unfortunately it blew up.

    Is it just me or is it GigaStudio?

    Any ideas would be most appreciated! Thank You!

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    Re: GS + ADAT Does it really work?

    To send out the ADAT, SPDIF, Analogue or whatever, is just a matter of internal routing in the soundcard, it has nothing to do with GigaStudio really. And yes, I use ADAT running from three machines with RME cards and it works fine.

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    Re: GS + ADAT Does it really work?

    I\'ve got a Gina24 and Motu 828 for Giga using Adats with no problems. I think on the Gina, the Adat outputs are 9/10, 11/12, etc... make sure those boxes are checked in Giga. ALSO, you have to go into the Gina control panel, set the Digital Mode to ADAT, and the clock to ADAT. Should work fine.

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    Re: GS + ADAT Does it really work?

    Thanks Simon- I was about to buy RME 9652 or DigiFace but was persuaded to try Echo Layla instead. This card has very low latency and excellent analog sound. I just can\'t get it to route out the Adats.

    I can route the Adats with Kontakt or Cubase but not with Giga.

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    Re: GS + ADAT Does it really work?

    Thanks you\'ve got it right! I had Outputs 1 thru 8 turned on. Some Sound Cards see Adat as 9-16.

    Others churn out analog + digital on 1-8.

    The Gina24 and Layla 24 are excellent so far. Much better than the M-Audio for lo latency. Actually with these cards you\'ve got 16 independent channels. 8 analog 8 digital.

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    Re: GS + ADAT Does it really work?

    Are you guys mixing your Giga PC\'s
    to an external mixer or are you streaming
    directly to your Mac?

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    Re: GS + ADAT Does it really work?

    ddk: this is a new topic but I used to route Giga via TDIF cards to a Digital Mixer, Now I\'m routing ADAT to MOTU 2408 mk3 directly to Mac. The new MOTU CUE MIX is largely a replacement for a digital mixer. I sold the mixer-don\'t need it.

    In addition with OS X DP4 you will be able to route thru the 2408 + Firewire 896/828 to the CUE MIX and have a totally Digital Solution.

    I am very happy with this setup. It is fast and clean. I think it would work well for a PC based DAW.

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    Re: GS + ADAT Does it really work?

    Mel tron:

    I\'m thinking of selling my Spirit 328 digital mixer and going to the Mac through the 2408 MKIII. Did you notice any difference in the
    audio quality going direct as opposed to
    using the digital mixer? What typwe of digital mixer were you using?


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    Re: GS + ADAT Does it really work?

    i am using the frontier wavecenter can send adat and spdif

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    Re: GS + ADAT Does it really work?

    Tom: I was using a Tascam DM-24. I think going direct DOES sound better. One less link in the chain. These are newer circuits than the Spirit; which I like. You might need Mic Pres- the 2408 mk3 doesn\'t. Bottom line- less routing and physical switching to do= less work. I find that the CUE MIX is much easier to work with than a console.

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