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Topic: How about AudioZapp Giga?

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    How about AudioZapp Giga?


    They build machines for all kinds of audio applications, including Gigastudio. Any people familiar with it? Is it good?

    Here are some specs (this is translated from German to English):

    With a INTEL Pentium 4 with 2,0GHz, 512Mb GDR RAM, 80Gb hard disk and an m-audio DeltaAudiophile 2496 (stereo I/O 24bit/96kHz, S/PDIF I/O and Midi I/O) the ultimative Sampler with 160 stimmiger Polyphonie and Tascam/Nemesys Gigastudio Harddisk Streaming technology (instruments with sizes to 4Gb directly by the non removable disk are read and do not have to be loaded not into expensive RAM). audioZapp \"Giga\" goes the far beyond past possibilities of hardware - Samplern. Play-ready configures! Attach and loose-put!

    It costs 2200 euro. Is this a good price for what you get?

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    Re: How about AudioZapp Giga?

    That seems pretty high to me. That soundcard costs like $150 in the US. And I just bought a similar configured Dell for about $500 / US. It\'s not that big a deal to install a soundcard and install Gigastudio, and I think you can probably save a bundle by doing it yourself. In US dollars at least, IMHO.

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