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Topic: 2 question about how Windows 98 works

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    2 question about how Windows 98 works

    I\'m having 2 problems with Win 98 that I\'ve been unable to fix, but am sure the answer is pretty simpe.

    Win 98 takes forever to load on startup as much as 3 or 4 minutes. Is there a place in windows 98 where I can see what its doing while loading up, and disable things so it will move more quickly?. Any other things to try to spead things up? There are not any programs on the startup menu. Its been slow from the very first install.

    On my other machine I had a cd rom drive which I replaced with a DVD ROM recently. There is a program called Plxstart which is running in the background and messes up the DVD. When I hit control alt delete I can end task it then things are fine. How can I remove this program from running in the background?



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    Re: 2 question about how Windows 98 works

    1. Click Start->Run
    System Config Utility will display
    Select the Startup tab
    2. You will see a list of programs that may be invoked at start up. The programs with a box check (left) are invoked.

    3. Uncheck all boxes of the programs that are not needed at startup. Which to uncheck can be easy and difficult. Uncheck the obvious ones like MoneyAgent, if you have MS Money installed, LoadPowerProfile, Real Audio, etc. Virus scan SW runs at startup, so if this is a Giga only machine turn them off. Others may be less obvious. Examine the directory of the program, which is displayed to the right, and that may help you decide if it is needed or not. Things in the WINDOWS directory are usually important. Programs like scanRegistry are good to keep. Check out the info in this link for description of OS tasks:

    4. Restart

    Also, you might create an additional hardware configuration. You can create a configuration where some of your normally installed drivers (installed at startup) are not installed. This saves time at startup and deactivates them during normal operation. You might want to disable the USB driver and modems in your gigconfig, for example, if you did not use them.

    1. ControlPanel, System
    2. Click the Hardware Profile tab
    3. Copy the profile that is already there by clicking Copy.
    Name if GigaStudio or something
    4. Go to the Device Manager tab and disable at will.
    5. Save it - can\'t remember just how this goes.
    6. Restart

    Now, at startup, you will be asked to select your original config or your Giga config

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    Re: 2 question about how Windows 98 works

    A little correction to Step 1 on the last post from CSDUKE. After clicking on Startup, Run you will need to type \'msconfig\' minus the quotes. The Run box always shows the last command that was run plus it has a dropdown box with other recently run commands. The rest of his post is correct.

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    Re: 2 question about how Windows 98 works

    Originally posted by Haydn:
    After clicking on Startup, Run you will need to type \'msconfig\' minus the quotes.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I forgot the most important part! Good catch.

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