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Topic: Small MIDI controller

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    Small MIDI controller

    I happen to prefer the feel of Roland keyboards, but their Mod wheels don\'t work for smooth cross fading of samples, etc. Can anyboy recommend a cheap, small MIDI controller that has a decent mod wheel, (maybe along with some other dials/faders, but not much else) that I could use it in conjunction with my Roland.


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    Re: Small MIDI controller

    The Oxygen8 does that petty well. $139 everywhere.


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    Re: Small MIDI controller

    The UC-16 by evolution is good value and also the big brother the UC-33. I have the UC-33 on order. I liked the look of the 33 because it has faders as opposed to knobs.

    One good thing about both of these products is that they will remember your settings when switched off. Not all midi controllers will do this.

    Evolution website

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Small MIDI controller

    I like my older Yamaha CS1x for triggering...it\'s got real knobs for filter cutoff, envelopes, etc., already configured to manipulate Native Instruments, Reason, or Pro Tools.

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