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Topic: Very Strange Hard Drive Problem - Win 98

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    Very Strange Hard Drive Problem - Win 98

    I have am 80 gig Seagate Barracuda on one of my giga systems. I\'m loading VSL onto it when I hit about 40 gig all the data on the drive appears to be garbled. I see files on it with nonsense as their names. When I restart the drive is no longer accessable. However, if I format the drive it comes back fine. Scandisk and the Seagate utility both do not find any problems when I perform diagnostics on the drive. I have another 120 gig western digital drive on this system that seems to work perfectly. Any idea what is going on here?? Is there a setting in windows 98 that causes it to have problem with larger drives- or does this drive just sound bad.



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    Re: Very Strange Hard Drive Problem - Win 98

    What are your BIOS settings like. Have you set the drive to LBA? If not.. do that I had a similar problem. I had accidentally turned off LBA.

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    Re: Very Strange Hard Drive Problem - Win 98

    Thanks Simon. That fixed it and saved me from swapping out drives and not solving the problem!


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