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Topic: Lesson 2B - Achieving blended Harmony for Winds

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    Lesson 2B - Achieving blended Harmony for Winds

    by Professor Alan Belkin

    Lesson 2B - Achieving Blended Harmony for Winds

    Click on Play Button below to Play from the Score

    Comments from Professor Belkin on Example No. 2B:
    This is a typical first attempt by a beginner. There are numerous problems:

    - the flute is too low, and therefore too soft, to take the main line here.
    - the oboe is too loud in this low register, which makes its (rather boring) part stick out too much.
    - the overall effect is not of blended harmony, but of badly balanced counterpoint.

    ©Alan Belkin, 2006

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    Re: Lesson 2B - Achieving blended Harmony for Winds

    Wouldn't it sound better if we put oboe about the flute? also tranposing the oboe flute up one ocatve.

    Another thing that I can think of changing the dynamic of the flute one level higher (mp)! It will be difficult for oboe player to play very piano in that range!
    Chekad Sarami
    Math Professor

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