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Topic: Latency between Gigaputer and Logicputer

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    Latency between Gigaputer and Logicputer

    I am running GigaStudio 2.54/Win2k/P3-850 on a separate computer and streaming the audio out though a Terratec EWS88D Lightpipe into the live inputs of the Logic Mixer via an RME Hammerfall lightpipe in...The Hammerfall latency is set at 3ms.I then record 8 bars of a GigaPiano midi track and quantize it(actually just one note would do it as long as its on the 1st beat of the 1st bar). I then enable an audio track to receive inputs 1-2 of the Giga stream press record and it will give me an 8 bar audio file version of the midi track. I open you the audio editor and set the view to milliseconds then select the space from the beginning of bar 1 up to when the wave begins...the latency is 35ms!!(obviously not a very playable response) Anyone have any tips how I could improve on this? If anyone one is using the same 2 computer set-up like mine I would be interested to find out what your latency figures are and how you achieve them.
    Thanks in advance
    Martin B

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    Re: Latency between Gigaputer and Logicputer

    What Midi interface do you use?

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    Re: Latency between Gigaputer and Logicputer

    Hi Peter,
    I\'m using an Emagic AMT8 output from Logic going into the built in midi port of the Terratec card.

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