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Topic: 2003 Updated Survey - Giga Users Software/Hardware Setups

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    2003 Updated Survey - Giga Users Software/Hardware Setups

    Hi All,

    Jerry Kahn and others developed a survey last year that did a great job documenting giga and associated hardware/software configurations and setups. Here is the link to the 2002 survey:

    Following are Jerry\'s questions. For those who are new to the forum, or 2002 posters that have updates from last year, thank you in advance for posting below to add to the reference base. You can leave blank any information you can\'t easily locate, or include any additional information you think is relevant. May the music gods shower paying projects on all those who kindly participate-Joanne

    Survey Questions
    -processor (ie PII, PIII, Athalon, etc.)
    -chipset (ie BX, Via kt-133 )
    -motherboard (ie:Asus)
    -hard drive(s) (use SCSI?)
    -sound card(s)
    -standalone use for Giga?
    -video processor/card/settings
    -BIOS settings (i.e. - turning off USB, memory latency, etc.)
    -Midi Input Card
    -other processors
    -recording system - hardware/software
    -sequencing system - hardware/software
    -polyphony (# voices achieved in Giga)
    -click/pops in Giga? sometimes?
    -sound quality (1-10)
    -midi performance (built in/stand alone/win 2k ect.)
    -other problems

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    Re: 2003 Updated Survey - Giga Users Software/Hardware Setups

    As I never participated in the other survey, here\'s my entry.

    Athlon XP 1800+ (1.54mhz)
    Sis 730
    ECS K7s5a (amazing motherboard)
    768+ DDR RAM
    2x 40GB 7200RPM Western Digital Caviar
    M-Audio Audiophile 24/96
    -standalone use for Giga? Nope, Sonar and Giga on same machine
    -Midi Input Card - Audiphile 24/96
    -recording system - Cakewalk Sonar 2.1
    -sequencing system - Cakewalk Sonar 2.1
    -polyphony - 160 voices
    -click/pops in Giga? sometimes? - Never
    -sound quality (1-10) 10
    -comments/suggestions - Excellent system. Gets 160 polyphony alongside Sonar audio tracks without breaking a sweat. Mostly due to motherboard.

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