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Topic: Firewire DVD-R on 98SE machine

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    Firewire DVD-R on 98SE machine

    I need to get a DVD-R drive for all these new, large sample libs. Instead of opening up my PC to install an IDE/ATA DVD-R drive (hassle), wouldn\'t a firewire DVD-R drive do the trick? I just want to use it to load samples on to my hard drive. NOT stream.
    I\'m running Giga on Windows 98SE but I already have a firewire PCI card installed and a FW hard drive plugged in for backing up. It works well so I can\'t imagine that there would be a problem with a FW DVD-Rom drive. Is there one?

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    Re: Firewire DVD-R on 98SE machine


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    Re: Firewire DVD-R on 98SE machine

    It takes no longer than 10 minutes to install a DVD drive internally on the average system plus it\'s much cheaper than an external unit. 4 screws hold the drive in place and there is one IDE connector and one power connector. Just make sure you jumper as master or slave depending on what else is on that IDE channel. You may want to just replace the CD drive and jumper identically as most 16x DVD drives work as 48x CD drives.

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    Re: Firewire DVD-R on 98SE machine

    You\'d be fine either way. It\'s not hard to replace a CD drive with a DVD-ROM internal, though.

    Another thing you might consider is a DVD burner, especially if you intend to pursue the firewire/external course. I have the Sony 500 series external, and it is great. Sure is easier to back up 4.7 GB at a time than 700 MB.

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