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Topic: St Audio DSP2000 C port

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    St Audio DSP2000 C port

    Can anyone give me some feedback on this unit. I currently use a Delta 1010 at the office but need to setup a studio at home. I am looking at the DSP2000 and omni studio. the DSP2000 kooks very interesting.


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    Re: St Audio DSP2000 C port

    I\'ve had the DSP2000+DSP24 for sometime, but
    is\'nt using it for Giga anymore - it simple
    was\'nt stable enough - at least for Win98SE.
    Kept giving me problems, not just cracks and
    dropouts. Suddenly the entire sound would
    become an inferno of massive distortion.
    At other times it the setup just crashed for
    no apparent reason ( at least I could\'nt
    figure out any pattern - except when using the
    Editor from within Gigastudio, in which case I could be pretty sure the damn thing collapsed ).
    On top of that I was less than satisfied with
    the sound when sampling.
    So all in all I would\'nt recommend for a Gigastudio Win98 combination. I\'m using it
    on a different setup now, and behaves quite good
    so far.

    regards & peace

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