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Topic: How to put the machines in the next room?

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    Re: How to put the machines in the next room?

    Well, I have a giga pc. I seq on a mac, and do all recording/mixdown there.

    The giga is patched into the behringer mixer, and the mixer can route any of it\'s inputs to the mac at anytime for final recording.

    Everything is networked, so I could use VNC and wouldn\'t require a kb/mouse switch.

    However, I have two inputs coming out of the Delta 44 card on the box, as well as a midiman connected to it via usb. I suppose I could get some sort of usb extender/repeater-type device?

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    How to put the machines in the next room?

    Everyone -

    I\'d like to move some of my pc\'s into a closet in the adjoining room to reduce the noise.

    Unfortunately, they have delta 44 cards, so I am wondering - what\'s the best way to do this and get their output to my behringer mixer? It seems like it would be kind of awkward running 1/4\" plugged cables everywhere in the ceiling. Is there a way to do this, either in technique or with new sound cards/etc?


    Eric Doggett

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    Re: How to put the machines in the next room?

    You could use soundcards with ADAT connections and MIDIoverLAN for MIDI. That would bring the number of connectors down to one LAN cable and two toslink cables pr. machine. That\'s what I\'m doing anyway.

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    Re: How to put the machines in the next room?

    Depends also on where you put your DAW PC and if you have an analog or digital mixer and/or mix within the DAW.
    It makes no sense to work with light pipes across the rooms if all PCs will go out of your room. You can have most cables within the closet and only get the monitoring cables out.
    If you buy a KVM switch, take care to buy one with soft switching (like the Belkin), so that you can put the KVM in the closet with the PCs.
    I am also working on moving my 4 PCs out of my studio room to an adjacent room and trying to figure out an optimal plan, using a cable pipe in the floor with a limited diameter (total cable length is 10 mtr, which can be tricky with the vga signals).

    Take care,

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