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Topic: How to control filter resonance?

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    How to control filter resonance?

    I\'m brand new to GS, just trying things to see how it sounds and works. I sampled some sawtooth loops in from my analog synth (3 of em), built my first Gig without benefit of the tutorial (which won\'t run for me just yet), and loaded it into GS to listen to the filters and pitch transposition. Pitch transposition sounds good. I assigned cutoff to the mod wheel, but I couldn\'t figure out how to control resonance while GS is running, I could just set some fixed Q and save it out. How do I control it realtime, better yet how do I assign it to a controller?


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    Re: How to control filter resonance?

    There is no controller for resonance of filters, but you get a chance to solve your problem, by mixing layers of extrem positions. It\'s not the best solution but it works.
    I also hoping that there will be more controller features or maybe something like a flexible controller patchbay in a future update.


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