Here is the fix that Jim provided:

Cello or Strad do not appear in Kontakt Player after install

The Kontakt Player 2 browser has 2 display views - Library Box view & Instruments List view

Instruments List view

To switch between these two views, you must click the ‘Instruments’ or ‘Multis’ button beneath the library box.This button is found in the left window of the player just under the graphic for either the Cello or Strad. There are 3 buttons under the graphic called ‘Instruments’, ‘Multis’ and ‘Info’.

Library Box View

When you are in Library Box view you will see all installed libraries to the left of the instrument rack.

To load instruments from this view, click the drop-down arrow next to the ‘Instruments’ button once. A context menu will open, displaying the installed instruments or sub-folders.

Instruments List View

When you click the ‘Instruments’ or ‘Multis’ button, the browser switches to the Instruments List view. In this display view, you will not see the other installed libraries. Instead, the Instruments and sub-folders are listed, as opposed to a context menu, and you load/navigate through them by double-clicking. To return to a previous folder, double-click the return arrow under the header, Name.

Click the Name header to resort the displayed list, for example if you want to display the bottommost file/folder first.


Thanks Jim for sending in this solution.

Gary Garritan