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Topic: Extra HD and VSL

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    Extra HD and VSL

    Hi everybody,

    A composer I work with is planning on purchasing the full VSL and I\'m retrofitting his computer for him.

    I\'m planning on getting him a 160 gig drive (7200 rpm) to go along with the two drives he already has. What I need to know is what PCI to IDE card I should get. (We need the card because there are no more IDE connections in his computer!) Has anybody had good results using a setup this way? Or is it a better idea to just get one bigger harddrive (200 gig?) for the samples and stick with two total HDs rather than three.



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    Re: Extra HD and VSL

    Promise Technology, Inc\'s Ultra133 Tx2
    Two IDE channels. About $36. Easy installation.

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    Re: Extra HD and VSL

    Make sure you verify that the BIOS can handle drives over 128 MB in size. Many systems can\'t use the 160 and above drives.

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    Re: Extra HD and VSL

    the bios would only be a problem with the internal (onboard) IDE-controller, but keep in mind, that W2K without any servicepacks will not recognize it, anyway the promise-driver or sp1 fixes that

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