Just got Gigasampler yesterday. Northern was very fast, I ordered it one day and it came the next, kinda surprised me! I\'ve got a P3-500 system with Frontier Dakota soundcard, and I installed GS on the IDE drive and the samples on the SCSI drive, which is controlled by an adaptec U2W card. I built this computer specifically as a DAW, not really with GS in mind, but it has to be about an ideal system for GS, and the install was easy and so far everything is performing well.

I\'m not able to view the editor tutorial; after displaying the Windows media player it pops up a panel saying it can\'t find a suitable decompression device for the movie or somesuch. Any ideas? I\'m guessing this could be related to my custom install of Win98 for the DAW, maybe I unchecked something I figured I\'d never use? In any case I\'m loathe to mess much with this system, I\'ve got everything working very nicely and I wouldn\'t trust a Windows installer to \'fix\' it...

The gigapiano is mostly very good; I\'m a pianist and a synthesist and I have lots of experience programming my own very good pianos on other gear, and I like this program a good deal which is saying a lot, particularly since I\'m not generally fond of Yamaha pianos. My biggest beef with it is that the transition to the FF strike sample is much too abrubt and \'switched\'; with my own stuff I\'ll try to disguise that with filtration or the filter envelope on that sample or by modulating the sample start time. I haven\'t fully grokked the instrument editor yet so I can\'t completely understand what happens to filter cutoff on this piano. I see that the min filter point is set, but I\'m not clear just what modulates the filter and how, or how to modulate envelope segments or sample start times. Anybody using the ******** /sounds-online Boesendorfer piano that can give a review, I\'d appreciate it. The demo sounded terrific.

Final question, I downloaded a bunch of the gigs from Worra\'s site (thanks everybody, bunch of good stuff there). Some of the drum kits had very useful samples, but the gigs were pretty sparse. Is there an easy way to merge gigs, to build a big drum set with my favorite samples from these?

Thanks all!