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Topic: Dual setup: louder output on one computer!?!

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    Dual setup: louder output on one computer!?!

    I just installed a second computer to my setup, with an Echo Mia soundcard. The other computer has an Audiophile 2496.

    The first surprise I had when doing the first tests was that the Echo Mia output sounds much louder than the Audiophile...

    I wonder how it is possible since both cards levels are set to 0db... Is it me who don\'t understand correctly the meaning of 0db? Because these cards cannot boost the signal right?

    Anybody knows why this happens?


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    Re: Dual setup: louder output on one computer!?!

    Hi there!

    Maybe you´ve already found out what´s causing your problem, but if not; this info might help:

    The \"dB\" is not a value \"by itself\". It indicates the value of a signal when compared to a reference called \"0dB\".

    In audio, there are different references which are specified by giving the \"dB\" unit an extra letter; \"dBu\", \"dBV\" etc.

    The two references mentioned are a couple of the most common ones, where 0dBu=0,776Volt and 0dBV=1Volt (audio level measuring in this case is done in Volts since analog signals are electrical).

    Echo Mia´s output at \"0dB\" = \"+4dBu\", or 1,23Volt (standard in most pro audio equipment).
    Audiophile output (***in -10dBV mode) at \"0dB\" = \"-10dBV\". or 0,316Volt (most consumer music audio).
    The difference between these values (1,23V and 0,316V) is appr. 12dB, and this is probably the reason you hear a difference in sound level.

    ***In the audiophile you can select two different reference values for the \"0dB\" output - check it out in the software panel under hardware settings in the \"variable signal levels / output\" field. If you choose \"consumer\" the output level will be a little higher than if you choose \"-10dBV\".

    If you have an external mixer, you match the two different levels from the audiocards by using the \"gain\"-function on the channel inputs.

    Anyway, i hope it works out for you!
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    Re: Dual setup: louder output on one computer!?!

    Thanks for the detailled answer... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'ll look at these settings... Thanks!

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    Re: Dual setup: louder output on one computer!?!

    You can also adjust the output of your MIA card from pro to consumer level in its mixer.

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