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Topic: Nemesys not responding :-(

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    Nemesys not responding :-(

    Hi everyone,

    I\'ve got a little problem with Nemesys. I
    requested an SDK to develop a generic GSIF-
    driver. I received an answer that my request
    was granted and was given an url and an access
    code to download the sdk - unfortunately the
    website has been worked on and the former down-
    load link does not work anymore.

    I called tech-support and was told that either
    the problem would be fixed by the webmaster shortly, or I would be contacted by Dave Casey.

    Unfortunately neither happened. Has anyone out
    there a good contact with Nemesys I could use to
    solve this issue?

    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards,

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    Re: Nemesys not responding :-(

    Tobias I was just reading about your driver stuff, I like how you think. Tascam should be banging on your door, good luck!

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