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Topic: Classical Music - Contemporary music : Dead?

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    Classical Music - Contemporary music : Dead?

    Got the idea from lesson No.2 Let the discussion begin... (I have done this to other forums as well... :S)

    Why pop/rock concerts are full and classical ones are empty? (Is it so?)

    first of all, known classical works (Beethoven, Mozart, maybe even Stravisnky) are usually full. Contemporary are mostly empty!

    Rock/Pop concert are mostly full all the time!

    Why is that?

    I, personally, find the attidute of classical performers and composer to be a very tiring one. Music should be an organisation that lives, breathes, explores, tastes, reflects the society! And it's not really doing that! If, in order to concieve and enjoy a concert, you need to have the knowledge of a PhD student or something, then how can this music appeal to a great audience? When all your ideas/forms/structures/instruments/sounds are taken from the 19/20th century how can this be a part of todays society?

    But, what is art to do then? Art should not be captive of todays people? Art is there to communicate, and if communication can be made with a single person (not people) then art is doing it's job properly! If 1 person understand my/their/whatever music, then it's ok. If there is 1 person in a concert that feels devine, after my music, then I've done my job and I can rest then. but of course, I'd love to change the world

    Contemporary music needs special knowledge, or at least trained aesthetiques and ears to be heard properly. Pop, does not! Or rather it does but with MTV, and all the rest, you get the training you need anyways...

    Why is not classical music in MTV?

    Well it kinda is. In the UK you get Classical FM, which is more or less pop structured:

    The stars are real stars, that are worshiped. The piece played are always well known ones (mainstream), and if longer than shoud be, cut down (for example Rachmaninov variations to a theme of paganinni, they only play the 18th (I think) variation. ). comercials are there. They seel CDs with collections, get video clips and serve the... classical world.

    But Classical music is not about that! At all! What should I do with 1/24 of Rachmaninovs talent, when the 23/24 are missing? How should I feel about G4 who are pretty and lovely, but only sing pop songs to a 4 voice redention? Why should I care? Maybe because I'm too much into classical music myself?

    Let me end this huge rant with a wish, that Garritan, professor belkin and Prfessonr Dwyer will do as they wish to do uninterpated and with the attention they deserve...

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    Re: Classical Music - Contemporary music : Dead?

    I think there are a number of issues. First, serial music gave classical music an intellectual snobbery that shut out a lot of the vitality classical music had gotten in the past from popular dance and folk music. IMHO, classical music lost touch with most folks and became the music of snoots.

    Second, to survive, symphonies (operas, chamber groups, all forms of classical ensembles) and music radio (NPR) had to adopt playlists of proven hits, and settled on the 150-year or so period between, say, Bach and Ravel. This is tonal music that is familier and pleasing to the folks who can buy tickets and donate to radio stations.

    Then comes music recording and all that has done to suppress live music.

    I don't keep up with popular concerts like I used to, but has been my impression that concert grosses and attendance have been down over the past couple of years. Folks blame the way tickets are sold and marketed, as well as the price. It seems that live music of all sorts is beginning to lose out to the convenience of listening (and watching) at home.

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