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Topic: Turnkey or build my own

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    Turnkey or build my own

    My Giga PC was built and set up for me. It works well. But given these mammoth libs. that are out or coming out, I want to build another (or more). This has probably been addressed many times, but I\'ll ask any way:
    Is there a real performance difference Giga-wise between an off the shelf PC ala Dell, Sony , or PC club, and the turnkey systems that are very attractive, but costlier?
    Or, is it really more a software optimization issue? I\'ve seen lots of bits and pieces mentioned on this forum but is there a complete, definitive list of components I should use if I foolishly go it alone?

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    Re: Turnkey or build my own

    I built my first dedicated giga for under 1,000 easily, where as i\'ve only seen \"professional\" systemes for 2,000 and up. There is some tweaking that you should do compared to going to best buy or some other store and building one but if your not verry computer savvy then i would suggest getting onen built for you. i building a really high speed unit now that is going to cost about 1800 and the only thing else i can do is add another 400 in ram for this system so I guess it just depends on the particulars you want.
    Good luck

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    Re: Turnkey or build my own

    Thanks Seth,

    Yes, my current system was about $1800-2000, and the guy who put it together for me was entirely helpful, which alone is worth the price of admission, as they say. There is such a wild variation in price in the PC world (compared to the Mac world where I usually live) you sometimes wonder what the real differences are, but service and support are extremely important factors.
    I still would like to have a list of components so that I may be a bit more informed, even if I go the turnkey route.

    John Z.

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    Re: Turnkey or build my own

    I would highly recommend building your own. I could build a system that would get 160 polyphony for around $700 or so. You should be able to find more than enough info on the internet to put your own system together. Get your components from Pricewatch.com You\'ll be glad you did when you see how much money you\'ll save. If you need help or have specific questions, PM me.

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    Re: Turnkey or build my own

    Thanks for the encouragement. I may take you up on that.

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    Re: Turnkey or build my own

    Piddle around Tom\'s Hardware site and check out their numerous articles. Here is one in particular that should be useful.


    Also, I could make some hardware recommendations if you want, as my system gets 160 polyphony right now while running with Cakewalk on the same system.

    PM me with your email address and we can chat about it.

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    Re: Turnkey or build my own

    Build your own. Firstly, you can choose your components based on your needs (specialized performance, expandability, ...) not the bottom line of Dell or HP i.e. you will be getting a better machine. Secondly you will learn a lot in your research and not be at the mercy of the \"black box.\" Thirdly, you will pay less for the same system or the same for a better one. The web is full of \"how to build\" info as well as hardware info. Fourthly, you won\'t get all those 1.2 jigabytes of applications installed on your system (and won\'t have to pay for them). You want a lean system.

    If you really don\'t want to build be still want to choose your own components (a great learning experience in itself), find a web retailer who will build and test it for you. One example is http://www.directron.com/ who builds, installs an OS and tests for $37.

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    Re: Turnkey or build my own

    Thanks. You both are inspiring me to go the DYI route.

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