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Topic: must PC be dedicated to gigastudio?

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    Re: must PC be dedicated to gigastudio?

    I run Giga on a PC with my sequencer (but only for a short time more [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ). The sequencer slows down when the system heavily loaded but, you can make an AWFUL LOT of music that performs perfectly running one PC. Make certian you optimize your OS for DAWs (see Tascam and others). It is usually the NFX that are the problem. I run a PIII @ 866MHz for this work.

    I haven\'t allocated two partitions but have created two Hardware Configuration (one normal and the other giga). I choose one at startup. This capability is built-into Windows. The difference between them is which drivers are installed e.g. no USB enabled for giga etc. When I am more serious about perfect performance and I the sequencer is stalling a bit (though never clicks) I will disable as many background tasks as I can via msconfig.

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    Re: must PC be dedicated to gigastudio?

    You should not partion your drive. This will not help in the Giga world. The best performance will come via a C system drive... D audio drive and last an E giga drive.

    Make a world of diff [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: must PC be dedicated to gigastudio?


    Are you saying that it is better to use three completely separate harddrives, rather than partitioning one HD? I think you are and it makes a lot of sense. I would think that putting in a new harddrive just for gigastudio and having aseparate one for other audio would significantly reduce the peripheral resources needed.

    Let me know if this is what your advocating.



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    Re: must PC be dedicated to gigastudio?

    With out a doubt that is what I am saying [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Trust me.

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    Re: must PC be dedicated to gigastudio?

    BTW (home studio NOT audiovisionsonline)

    Dell p4 2.5 ghz 512ram 40 gig 7200 HD
    2 firewire cards (capture/playback)
    1 80 gig firewire drive
    Creative Audigy 2 Platinum eX (5.1 AISO MIXING)
    Vegas 4.0

    Mackie control for scruuuuuubin

    Dell Cel 4 1.8 512 ram
    5 port USB 2.0/pci card
    120 gig USB 2.0 HD (GIGA FILES Don\'t tell the wife how many I have)
    40 gig 7200 HD for audio capture
    20 ig 7200 system drive (c)
    Delta DIO (digital out to Vegas Digi IN Audigy 2 Platinum eX)

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    Re: must PC be dedicated to gigastudio?


    do you get 160 polyphony with your audio computer?

    What motherboard are you using?

    No trouble with gigastudio or audio?

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    Re: must PC be dedicated to gigastudio?

    You can use a partitioned drive.... just make sure that the gig files sit on the fastest drive you have in the system. I have a 40 gig ibm drive split in two. Giga is installed on the main 20 gig partition with the system... the gig files are on the other partition.. I have another 60 gig in there for everything else....

    I have no problems with this setup.

    I would recomend the fastest drive for gigastudio but it doesnt have to be on its own....

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    Re: must PC be dedicated to gigastudio?

    Another thing i might add is about the type of PC you use... Be carefull when choosing components for your \"audio\" pc as some boards/cpu\'s/hdd\'s work better than others...but dont take this too far...

    There will ALWAYS be a bottle neck in the machine that you use.. even with the fastest machine and components you will still find that something in the system will be slower than something else..

    Its a shame that solid state hdd\'s have not come in to the mainstream market... They would be an excellent solution for gigastudio... from what i remember from an article i read they could make them really small with almost limitless amounts of space.. Using light reacting crystals that change when activated so can represent an On or OFF state.... with it being light the data transfer rate would be fantastic..

    ....prob still take hours to defrag though.... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    oh well.

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    Re: must PC be dedicated to gigastudio?

    You can run Giga on a general purpose machine. Just get Partition Magic (or something similar)
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Dont forget you can right click on My Computer and select \"Manage\" under Win2K/XP and use Disk Managment to create partitions.

    Also, instead of having a dual boot machine, has anyone tried creating seperate profiles when they log into their machine? You can install apps and configure your system to only show up in one profile.

    I haven\'t actually tried this, it\'s just a thought. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] It would be handy to create a \"DAW\" account with a minimal installation of the music apps you require.

    Also, I dont think there would be a big advantage in installing Giga on another hard drive. The application itself still has call on files; DLL\'s, Com objects etc, that reside on the C: drive anyway. I\'m no expert in this but it might be that the program performs even BETTER on the C: drive as it is a quicker call to Windows.

    Regards, Scott.

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    must PC be dedicated to gigastudio?

    I recently read someone\'s comments saying that Giga studio had to be run on a PC dedicated to that software - in other words NOT running anything else. Is this true, or can you run it on a PC that is setup for general use with other software?


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