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Topic: Dell P3 700 Performance - Great!

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    Dell P3 700 Performance - Great!

    I\'m running Gigastudio 160 on a standalone P3 Dell Dimension XPS 700mhz with a 7200
    60 gig IDE drive split into 3 partitions. Windows 98 SE is the OS and I\'ve optimized the system with the tips from Tascam. RAM is 256 megs. Unlike others on these forums I find I can can easily achieve 130 to 150 voices with a cpu load of no more than 50/60 %. Granted, I don\'t use the Giga FX. I suspect this good perfromance has has a lot to do with optimizing and stripping out of un-necessary elements in the system. Anyone else have this experience? I\'ve considered going up to a 1.8 gig P4 but now I\'m thinking about getting another P3 700 and running 2 Giga rigs with a KVM switcher.

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    Re: Dell P3 700 Performance - Great!

    We have 4 DELL P4 here at the post studio...

    In a word - DELL\'S ROCK!!


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    Re: Dell P3 700 Performance - Great!

    Believe it or not - no GSIF here- a Soundblaster Live + a real generic MIDI out to my MOTU MIDI interface.
    Nothin\' special. But it works great. I\'m planning to ugrade to 24/96 card soon, in anticipation of Giga 3.0 later this year. The main thing is to optimize your OS within an inch of its life. My Giga PC is way more stable than my G4.

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