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Topic: Streaming from networked hard drives

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    Streaming from networked hard drives

    Ok, I\'m going to post this here but if nobody answers, I\'ll be forced to post it OT in the Sample Libraries discussion.

    I have a question for anyone who uses multiple Giga machines over a network. Basically, does it work ok ? Like if I had 3 Giga machines each with, say, a 40 Gig HD (ATA-100) as the samples drive - say PC #1 has GOS, PC #2 has DDBE, PC #3 has AO - if I wanted to play GOS thru PC #2 from PC #1\'s sample drive, would there be some kind of performance hit ?

    I guess another way of asking the same question is:
    Is it standard practice for you all to be copying sample libraries back and forth to local hard drives, depending on which machine will be playing which samples, or do you all just use networked hard drives with no problems ?

    Finally, assuming that it\'s totally no problem to stream samples from network drives, are there any pitfalls that I should be aware of ? Like a maximum throughput issue or anything like that ?


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    Re: Streaming from networked hard drives

    I would think that as long as you\'re the only user of the network you can load the libraries up on the local drives of as many machines as you think necessary. A network is definitely too slow and has too much latency to support streaming audio. I\'d say use the network for midi and forget streaming audio.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Streaming from networked hard drives

    I haven’t done any exhaustive testing, but have found no problems in streaming over a network. If you’re using MIDIoverLan+, that might be an issue.

    Network drive don’t show up in QuickSound, but that’s no problem. Either double click in the instrument slot or drag things in from Windows Explorer.

    Don’t’ even think of a 40MB drive; and 80 is only a few dollars more.

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    Re: Streaming from networked hard drives

    Here\'s my take: a mono voice is 0.7 Mbps, so a 100Mbps network would support 141 voices at 100% saturation. On my network I don\'t ever get nearly 100Mbps; my throughput via SMB (windows networking) tops out around 30Mbps. I suspect that this is because SMB is a synchronous protocol (pure speculation). So I would expect no better than 47 voices over my network, if it worked at all.

    In fact, the point is moot; on my systems quicksound does not even see .gs files on network drives, and many quicksound functions crash GSt on network drives.

    My situation may not be representative; my server is a pentium 166 running Samba on freebsd. Serving this volume of network traffic soaks about 85% of this CPU. I don\'t know how Samba efficiency compares to a windows native approach. I don\'t believe my server performance here is CPU bound. GSt is the only program I can think of that treats mapped network drives differently than local disks.

    I thought GSt was supposed to be able to stream over a network, does this actually work for anybody?

    You must also consider the load the server incurs blasting out this volume of data.

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    Re: Streaming from networked hard drives

    Hey Bill,

    Are you streaming audio or midi? I\'m using midioverLAN as well, but that\'s only for midi data. My impression is he wants to stream audio from Giga files on a different system. That\'s a whole lot more network traffic than midi.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Streaming from networked hard drives

    Originally posted by pantonality:
    Hey Bill,

    My impression is he wants to stream audio from Giga files on a different system. That\'s a whole lot more network traffic than midi.

    Steve Chandler
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Your impression is correct...I\'m about to add my 2nd Giga machine to my studio and I\'m trying to ascertain if it\'s practical, advisable, do-able, inadvisable, or impossible to do stream, via network, from the local drives of other giga PCs.

    And if not, in general, do sample libraries\' license agreements allow you to use their product on more than one drive simultaneously ? This is the kind of thing I should know, but not having needed this kind of information before, it\'s easier for me to ask than to dig out my license agreements.

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    Re: Streaming from networked hard drives

    Hi, Bruce Richardson was talking about this very thing in one of the forums recently. (probably Sample libraries).

    He was saying that he quite often streams audio over the network and sometimes forgets to render the tracks to his main daw. Only when he has heaps of samples streaming through the network and everything is slowing down does he render. Perhaps do a search on it as I cant remember where or when he said it I\'m sorry.

    Cheers, Scott.

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