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Topic: GSt 96 on single barracuda iv?

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    GSt 96 on single barracuda iv?

    I have an excellent 2 drive GSt machine, but it\'s loud. I also have a spare 80G Barracuda IV, and could modify this machine into a very quiet PC with a few simple changes. I\'d like to know if anybody runs GSt on a single Barracuda drive.

    Mine is a stripped win98 machine with 512 megs of RAM, it seems like it never accesses the system drive once it\'s up.

    Any experiences pro or con?


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    Re: GSt 96 on single barracuda iv?

    Hi SAM
    Just built a new Win98SE machine and started out with just one 80 Gb Barracuda IV.
    I get approx. 115 voices, so with a Giga96 you
    should be able to do well with just one HD.
    For a more elaborate description see:
    VSL Forum FYI: Testresults with new Giga PC

    I\'m going to put in a second Barracuda to increase
    the number of voices to close to 160 ( I have a Giga160 ).


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    Re: GSt 96 on single barracuda iv?

    Thanks Bjarne, that\'s good info. BTW, I wonder if adding a second drive will really improve your polyphony much? It seems to me that if your system is installed on the C: partition and sounds on the D: partition, and your system isn\'t accessing the C: drive much while GS plays (I looked at your system config, that seems likely) then the only improvement I would expect would be from moving the samples closer to the beginning of the drive where all drives are faster. It might not be enough.

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    Re: GSt 96 on single barracuda iv?

    Hi Sam
    Well - I\'m not sure either, but I\'m going to give
    it a shot with a secong disk and then take it
    from there. David Govett suggested that it might be a CPU issue - and while at first I did\'nt
    think that - I\'ve since been doing some tests using system monitoring, instead of just the Giga CPU load meter - and the Giga meter lies, the load is much higher, more like 85% - so maybe David is right after all. Remains to be seen [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]


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