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Topic: VSL2020 - Any experiences?

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    VSL2020 - Any experiences?

    I\'ve been taking a look at the new Steinberg VSL2020 card - but there\'s not much info offered at the Steinberg site. Does\'nt even say if comes
    with GSIF drivers.

    Anyone have any experience or info regarding the
    VSL2020? Any info would be most welcomed.


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    Re: VSL2020 - Any experiences?

    bump !!

    i also want some info on this !!!


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    Re: VSL2020 - Any experiences?

    Well - I wen't on and bought one, long time ago. Its residing in my Sonar
    PC - and its good. Has'nt been giving me any trouble at all.
    At one time I usend it with my Giga PC - and it performed nicely there too.


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