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    Hi everyone. I\'m running Giga Studio 96 on a 1GHz P3 through an Audiophile 2496. When I sequence an instrument for let\'s say a 4 minute song, I get at least 2 or 3 annoying \"spikes\" (not really clicks)which are the same sound you would have with a bad cable (kind of crackle or static). It doesn\'t matter if I\'m using 40 voices or 4 voices and the noises happen at random moments. If I play a CD through the card I don\'t get this problem (so it\'s not a bad cable). Has anyone else had this problem?? Any ideas??

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    Re: NOISES

    I guess I should have given a bit more info. I\'m using Win2K so I don\'t think it\'s the \"2 minute pop\". Anyway it happens at random times. If I\'m copying over to my recorder I get around it by \"punching in\" over any section that has the noise (because it\'s random I won\'t get it in the exact same place again). What sucks is that I can\'t use the smapler in real time during mix down to give me 2 more tracks as I never know when the noise will occur. I am running 256MB of memory and the system resources say I\'m only using around 20% usually so I guess I have enough RAM?? Also I have an 18GB drive (ultra DMA) with 13GB free. Anyone else got any ideas??

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    Re: NOISES

    I would boost the RAM to 512 MB first especially since you can purchase 256 MB chips for approx $35 or less. 256 MB in Win2K is just not enough memory.

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