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Topic: denormalisation bug also for AMD???

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    denormalisation bug also for AMD???

    i am about to build up a new DAW. due to so many frightening experiences with the well known p4 denormalisation bug i thought about choosing an AMD cpu for the first time in my life.

    i think i ve heard that AMD cpus are in general not as good as Intel cpus for audio use but i cant remember the reasons anymore. what were those?

    am i right that AMD cpus have no denormalistaion bug at all (if they also do, my idea doesnt make sense at all as then i will rather stick to my powerful p4 cpus which i am used to)

    i always overclocked my p4 cpus without loosing any stability. are AMD cpus overclockable as well in general?

    thx so much for help,

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    Re: denormalisation bug also for AMD???

    please dont answer here! i forgot to put notification on. i will now redo the post with notification on. please reply there!

    sorry for inconviniences,

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