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Topic: Need basic info

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    Need basic info

    I\'m thinking about getting the GS and I\'m not sure exactly how it works. Right now I use the sequencer & sounds on my Korg N264 workstation but I really would like to get better sounds than what the Korg has. How do you save a midi file on the workstation, and then get that to trigger new sounds? Does the midi file have to be saved in general midi format? I have Acid pro, Cool edit pro, and Vegas pro, do any of those work well with the GS software? Sorry about all the questions but I really like to know about how a program works before I get it. Thanks!


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    Re: Need basic info

    You sound like you\'re in the same boat I am! I have Cool Edit Pro and a Roland XP-80 workstation, but I\'m afraid to get this Gigasampler then find out I need a million other things in order for it to work right with my computer.
    One guy at Nemesys told me that if I use Gigasampler then use Cool Edit Pro as my recorder, I will loose polyphony with gigasampler which really sucks! So I\'m thinking, would I have to get a seperate computer just for Gigasampler??
    I have a 400 Mhz Hewlett Packard Celeron processor with 64 megs ram and 6.0 gig hard drive.
    They told me also that if I get Gigasampler LE, it doesn\'t have the wave editing features I need and I would have to buy Soundforge and some other wave editing program, so they just suggested I get the full Gigasampler version.
    Gigasampler sounds like the answer to alot of problems, but I don\'t want to have extra problems if I need a million other things to go with it and if I loose polyphony, then it\'s really no good at all because of the orchestral music I do.
    Hopefully you\'ll get the advice you need!

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    Re: Need basic info


    How it all works depends a little what end result you want (CD, live rig, etc.) You can route the ‘MIDI out’ from your Korg to a ‘MIDI in’ on you computer, and trigger the GS sounds that way. Or, you could sequence on your computer and trigger the Korg via ‘MIDI out’ and GS directly. If you’ll be recording to your HD, using the Korg sequencer might be the way to go, as it means one less applications using CPU resources. Use CoolEdit for wav editing chores and Vegas for HD recording.


    Don’t know if you’re sequencing on the XP-80; if so, same answer. LE can be purchased at a very attractive price ($129), and later upgraded to the full version. CoolEdit is at least as good as the samplewrench wav editor that ships with the full GS. If you use commercial sample libraries, that may not be an issue anyway. It’s true that you’ll lose some polyphony by running GS and an HD recorder at the same time, but if the Roland is generating some of you sounds, that may not be a problem. Of course, after you hear what GS can do, you may WANT to buy that second computer for GS! Stocking up on samples is the real expense!

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