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Topic: Giga W/MOTU2408II/ADAT Optical

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    Giga W/MOTU2408II/ADAT Optical

    Wondering how to get Giga sounds to go through my 2408II and into my Roland VM-7200 Board via ADAT optical.

    I know the 2408II is working correctly. Im using SOnar 2XL to trigger loops and they are played out the ADAT optical 9-16 just fine.

    Im trying to play GIGA sounds out outputs 1-8..

    In the GIGA settings it says \"24 bit\" for the bit depth. Does that matter if Im operating at 16 bit in my board?

    Can you change the bit depth or does it even matter?

    Im pulling out my hair trying to figure out how to get the GIGA sounds to go through ADAT optical into my board.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: Giga W/MOTU2408II/ADAT Optical

    Hey, I got it! User Error of course!
    Go figure Man, does it sound ALOT better not going to analog.. Staying in digital is AWESOME!
    Im up all night sequencing.... I\'ll post a mp3 for you to check out soon.
    Music is sooooo fun!

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