I just posted this identical topic on the Finale discussion board, hoping to draw on the best ideas from both boards:

I have just been blessed today to purchase a new MacBook Pro. It is the standard config for the 15.4 model with 2 gig RAM, 120 gig HD, OS 10.4.x (.8 I would think).

I have not even booted it up yet, knowing that it will ask if I want to transfer information and files from my old laptop (specs for the old laptop are still in my signature below). I plan a gradual transition with most of my other software, but I need to get Finale 2007 up and running right away. Up until now I have only paid minor attention to the discussions about the Intel native version of Finale and the Kontakt 2 player for Finale GPO. What should I watch out for, not install, not *fail* to install, installation order, etc.

My desired outcome: as soon as possible (later today perhaps?) I would like to be able to run Finale 2007 and Finale GPO natively on my new MacBook Pro. What do I need to do to make that happen?

Thanks for your help