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Topic: Will Gigasampler work with Cool Edit Pro?

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    Will Gigasampler work with Cool Edit Pro?

    I\'ve been wanting to purchase Gigasampler LE and found out that the LE version doesn\'t come with a wave editor. Can I use Cool Edit Pro to edit the samples(amplitude, decay, etc..)? Also, can I use Gigasampler with Cool Edit Pro as my sequencer since the LE version doesn\'t have a sequencer. I have a 400 Mhz Celeron processor Hewlett Packard with 64 megs ram. Will I also loose alot of polyphony if I combine these 2 programs together?

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    Re: Will Gigasampler work with Cool Edit Pro?

    Cool will work and is a great editor for some special things, but I recomment Sound Forge or Wavelab for a universal editor. You have to know: CEP has no \"real\" looping features.

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    Re: Will Gigasampler work with Cool Edit Pro?

    I find it curious that you say it has \'no real looping features\'; I used Cool Edit last week to loop a bunch of stereo samples and it came out great. I was mostly just using keyboard shortcuts to adjust the loop start and end points to zero crossings on the samples, and it went very quickly.

    Or do you mean something more advanced like automated crossfades and/or sample reversal? CE has these features but I\'ve not used them yet so I can\'t comment on their ease with respect to looping.

    FWIW, I use the limited CE that came with my soundcard, not the full version. It does have some occasional minor bugs like sometimes I couldn\'t reset the root note on a sample, and sometimes it would find different zero crossings depending on which direction I had it searching...

    Also I just got GS yesterday and I\'m still learning my way around, I can\'t comment on using GS & CE together yet.


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