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Topic: best headphones for low-frequency xpression?

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    best headphones for low-frequency xpression?

    so far i have always choosen my BD and Bassline sounds by listening to them on my monitors as my headphones couldnt express the bassfrequencies clearly so i couldnt rate sounds like that on them (eg. BDs which sounded powerful on monitors sounded like not leightweight stuff [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] on the headphones).

    now i moved to a new flat where i have to try to make as few noise as possible not to wake up my neighbours [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] and so i want to use my monitors only for mixdown and mastering checks eg. for over-all EQing and room-ambience.

    therefor i need a pair of headphones which can really express bass (low) frequencies as they are.

    is there any headphone famous for being made for this purpose or at least having a wide frequency spectrum (which goes down to the very bottom) and which are really able to reveal non-powerful BDs from powerful ones?

    thx so much for naming some manufacturers + models here and also if u think that my purpose is in general practicable on headphones,


    ps.: my current headphone is Sony MDR-7506

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    Re: best headphones for low-frequency xpression?

    The old studio standard AKG K240M would do that. I\'ve used them to check for things like vocal popping that was below the bottom of nearfield monitors (usually in the low 50Hz range).

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