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Topic: Gigastudio filespy.sys causing random reboots???

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    Gigastudio filespy.sys causing random reboots???

    hey guys, i just joined this forum today so i could post my question here and see if anybody actually replies, i posted at the Studio Central forum and have'nt had any replies yet???
    So ive been getting random reboots lately then the damm message "system has recovered from a serious error". ive been getting them for at least a month now and it seems to be getting worse, and will happen all the time, like;

    when i rename or move a folder or file
    when i save a file in a program
    when i close a program
    when i leave the screensaver running
    when i load a program from cd

    but then sometimes after like 10 reboots it wont happen. anyways ive been posting on forums (PC help ones) and stuff and people have been saying stuff like PSU power is proly faulty, bad RAM and stuff to do with page file size, minidump etc. but ive been trying the advice and it has'nt worked and been thinking about downloading some of the billions of spyware anti virusware stuff that out there to try and fix it. i also recently installed a new hard drive around the time it started happening, so i thought it might be PSU overtaxing it with 2 hard drives to power. but ive also installed a lot of new software lately and i was looking in the startup progs and stuff and i found one that sounded suspect called filespy.sys so i googled and found other people here


    who also had the filespy.sys installed from Gigastudio and found it had caused random reboots aswell. anyways i thought there must be some Gigastudio users here who have possibly also had the filespy.sys problem, if so i want to know what is the best way of getting rid of it. Like using another program to get rid of the filespy.sys, or maybe you are able to just delete it manually and if so did that fix the rebooting problem or did you just uninstall Gigastudio and the reboots went away? becuase sometimes uninstalling programs does'nt remove all files, drivers etc, you may have to manually delete them in the WIN32 folder or whatever and then sometimes you cant see the dam files or the comp wont let you delete them, becuase their running. Perhaps there's another way to fix it because otherwise that means i wont be able to use gigastudio anymore.
    I just thought i would post here and see if anybody knows about this problem becuase i want to make sure i fix the problem properly and dont wreck anything else in the process, i dont want the last 3yrs of my album to get destroyed. thanks for any help.

    PC, WIN XP SP2, P4 R800 VM MOTHERBOARD, INTEL 3.0GHZ, 1024MB RAM, A9 550 GE GRAPHICS CARD, SB LIVE, M-AUDIO DELTA 44, (with no spyware / anti virus software installed; never hadi it connected to net)

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    Re: Gigastudio filespy.sys causing random reboots???

    Just turn off File Monitoring to disable it then see if the problem goes away.

    - G

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    Re: Gigastudio filespy.sys causing random reboots???

    This should be simple to solve. Go into GigaStudio Settings, choose the QuickSound tab and disable "Monitor File Activity".

    The only downside to turning that off is that you need to rebuild the entire Quicksound database every time you add a new library. The upside is that your system should stop crashing.

    I think there's a threading conflict between Giga's file monitor and some other background file monitor either in Windows or some other app.

    Let us know if that fixes it.


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    Re: Gigastudio filespy.sys causing random reboots???

    Hi Gamera,

    Great minds think alike!

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    Re: Gigastudio filespy.sys causing random reboots???

    Yep Yep Yep. Hallelujah!!! Last night after a dozen atempts i actually mangaed to load Gigastudio (i know pretty amazing) although it did have to warn me that "VST plugin blah blah has crashed the system blah blah" but i did find the option to disable "FILE MONITORING ACTIVITY" and can you beleive it, it actually fixed it! not one reboot. I still reckon i need to give it a week or so just to make sure everything holds out but looks like that was it.
    On the links above i put it says on the posts that GIGAStudio also installs a file on the root drive called "scope" (which i can see on my local hard drive) which \"scopes out\" all the movements, deletions or additions of gig and wave files for the database. This is starting to make more sense to me now, so from what i understand this filespy program is a driver or something running in the background all the time, even when Gigastudio or nothing else is even loaded and its meant to update (in the Gigastudio sound file registry or whatever) all files on your hard drive when you move, rename or delete them, BUT it does'nt work properly, at least not on my machine and a few other people's aswell. Must be why it went so nuts when i installed a new HD and moved lots of files around to the new HD etc. Im just thinking having a porgram like that run ALL the time monitoring ALL file activity must slow the performance of the machine and how beneficial is that seeing whenever you load Gigastudio it always says updating the registry anyway( does'nt take that long) , so it seems like a pretty useless application extension to me anyway.
    Aslo one other issue, i found a link to download a PDF "fix" from TASCAM here http://www.tascamgiga.com/pdf/clean-uninstall-xp-2K.pdf
    which says to delete about 18 different TASCAM .dll, .sys, .exe files. have a read of the PDF file and tell me what you guys think...

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    Re: Gigastudio filespy.sys causing random reboots???

    Unless you want to fully uninstall Giga, I wouldn't worry about doing the stuff in the PDF. But I would make sure that Giga isn't looking for the VST that it doesn't like.

    Glad the Monitor File Activity thing worked...

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    Re: Gigastudio filespy.sys causing random reboots???

    I'm going to bump this thread since after an ENTIRE day of frustration, simply disabling the file monitoring solved all my PC issues. Jeez.... what a waste of time.

    I have no idea what filespy.sys was conflicting with, but whatever it was doing was taking out my system.

    Glad I stumbled into this. Hope this helps someone in the future.

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