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Topic: Midi Guitar info

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    Midi Guitar info

    Does anybody have any experience with a midi guitar interface? I was interested in trying one out for sequencing violin parts - I hate trying to play runs and things on a keyboard. Actually, lead guitar playing is very similar to violin playing in using scale runs or arppegios leading to a sustained note. Just curious if anyone can recommend one.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: Midi Guitar info

    I\'ve got both a Roland ready Strat with midi tracking and a Ztar

    The roland feels more like a guitar...well because it IS a guitar.

    The Ztar is much better for inputing on my end since there are no tracking issues, but I\'ve run into haing to create new velocity curves, because its a bit too sensitive, and if you play it like you do a normal guitar you slam thebuttons pretty hard (damn callouses --sp?--)

    Overall I use the Ztar more than the Roland Ready strat, but its also got a bunch of features I ahd HArvey Starr put in

    www.starrlabs.com I believe is the site.

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    Re: Midi Guitar info

    Hi King :

    I have GR-33 but when i control other samples have a big delay how to setup for GR-33 VERY THANKS

    I am a guitarplayer

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    Re: Midi Guitar info

    sorry king
    I don\'t understand about midi
    but when i record realtime mointer is dealy and check the midi note delay have 50 units
    why ?

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    Re: Midi Guitar info

    how big is the delay?

    the GR\'s generally have some latency in teh tracking so you can get ahead of whats actually being played. ITs another problem with the Roland setup, but seems to be minimal on my roland ready/GR setup.

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