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Topic: performance question: rim rambus vs. ddr ram

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    performance question: rim rambus vs. ddr ram

    as rim rambus (rdram) is as twice as expensive as ddr ram i ask myself if it s worthy to go for it which means that it should also be as twice as powerful as ddr ram.

    benchmark tests comparing the 2 types mention that the higher the cpu performance the more the rim rambus will be able to use it s advantages and so leave the ddr ram behind. i am on p4 2.4 so that will be guaranteed in my case.

    my question impliments if the rim rambus advantage is a general thing or if it s only supported by certain apps which would then create the question if my used apps (cubase sx as host and VSTis + plugz) support the rim rambus advantages at all.

    is it really worthy to spend the double price on rim rambus?

    thx for nfo,

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    Re: performance question: rim rambus vs. ddr ram


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