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Topic: problems with instrument editor

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    problems with instrument editor

    Ok here is the problem that I am having...I am building my marimba right now and I am trying to setup dimensions for the different mallet selections/rolls/ etc. However when I map the samples to the correct dimension it does not corespond to the correct note. I was under the assumption that the dimension notes started at c0 but when I load the instrument only notes like the \"f\" and \"b\" below c0 seem to change anything. So my question is how do I set it up to make like c0 soft mallets, c#0 med mallets, d0 hard mallets etc. etc.



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    Re: problems with instrument editor


    I know Holger will disagree, but IMHO, the mod wheel is much more convenient for dimension switching. The control notes would be good for live performance, but I would guess the most symphonic style performances are sequenced.

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    Re: problems with instrument editor

    Double click on the instrument icon at the top left and you will get a properties dialog. That is where the keyswitch notes are assigned. (in the lower left of this window) Right now, these are MIDI note numbers (middle c is 60) so you will have to do some counting to figure out the MIDI note number you want. You set a bottom and a top note and it should work. It\'s chromatic and unused regions\\keys only. Call us if you need assistance. We are very interested in helping you put out a good product.
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