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Topic: Has anyone installed a Midisport 8x8 on Win XP?

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    Has anyone installed a Midisport 8x8 on Win XP?

    Hi All,

    I\'ve been losing hair trying to get a M-Audio USB Mididsport 8x8 running on a new Win XP system. It simply won\'t load correctly. I\'ve downloaded the latest drivers, I\'ve uninstalled manually, I\'ve used M-Audio\'s uninstaller, but it seems M-Audio\'s USB loader simply won\'t work. I\'d be happy to use it as a serial device if I could find a serial driver for Win XP. In every case I get the same response.

    Device can\'t start (Code 10)

    Is anyone using a Midisport as a USB device with Windows XP? Do I really need to reformat and load Win 98SE or ME? I can\'t use Logic until this gets resolved. M-Audio has been completely unresponsive. Can anyone help?

    My system;
    Athlon 2200+
    Asus A7V8X
    256 MB
    60 GB Seagate ATA 133 drive
    RME Dig 96/8 PST
    Win XP Home

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Has anyone installed a Midisport 8x8 on Win XP?

    I\'m using a Midisport 4x4 with WinXP. This works fine as long as I use midi-ox as a proxy \"go-between\" since connecting GS directly to the 4x4 causes the dreaded conexant wave error.

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    Re: Has anyone installed a Midisport 8x8 on Win XP?

    Hi !

    Just wanted to make sure you actually have the latest drivers - there was an update that took care of the exact problem you describe (error code 10), and there are serial drivers available for XP too.
    You probably already know, but the latest drivers are downloadable at: Midiman Driver Download ; select the 8x8 in the popup and XP as OS, and then be sure to tick the box \"beta\" if you need the serial drivers !
    My 8x8 is happy in XP with USB driver version 4.1.16 (CubaseSX PC), and so far (...) the 4x4 is working ok with gigastudio on another XP-machine, and the same driver version.
    Hope it works out for you ! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Has anyone installed a Midisport 8x8 on Win XP?


    Well it\'s not functioning correctly yet. I got close last night (I was even able to see it as a midi device in the control panel) as I got the new Beta drivers loaded and had run midifix. But then my computer reported that the USB device had malfunctioned and suggested I reload the drivers so I reloaded the earlier drivers (since I\'d run midifix) and got error code 10 again (after running midifix). Tonight, if I can\'t get it running under USB I\'ll load the Beta serial drivers and see if that works. I ran this 8X8 as serial on my Win 98SE box for years with no problem so I\'m fairly confident that\'ll work.

    I can say I\'m less than blown away by the quality of M-Audio\'s support. How long has Win XP been out? How long has the 8X8 been a product? And they still don\'t have solid drivers!! ACKKK!!!

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Has anyone installed a Midisport 8x8 on Win XP?

    FWIW, the Beta serial driver works fine in Win XP. That\'s the solution I\'m keeping.


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    Re: Has anyone installed a Midisport 8x8 on Win XP?

    I know exactly what the problem is.
    You need new firmware to upgrade your 8X8.
    How do I know? I just had the same problem, it drove me nuts and I finally called Midiman and they mailed me 2 chips. I pulled the old ones, put in the new ones and BAM, it worked fine.

    So, dont pull out any more of your hair. It would have been nice if Midiman would have SAID something about this on their website next to the latest drivers but nope... Theyd rather us guys go bald and have heart attacks!

    Call em today, dont delay, then pray they send you the chips. I had to call em 3 times to remind them to send my chips to me.

    best wishes!

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