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Topic: Free Bowed Cymbals

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    Free Bowed Cymbals


    A long time ago I recorded several cymbals, and a music stand (not kidding, it sounds great), played with a cello bow. This week I just found time to finish trimming all the samples and putting them into Kontakt. I thought I would make them available for everyone to download, so here's a link.


    I had to post folders of wavs for each cymbal separately, due to the restrictions of the filesharing site, so you need to use each of the tabs at the bottom of the page.

    To use them, create a folder where you want to keep them, and call it something like 'bowed cymbals.' Most of the rar files can then be unpacked directly into this folder. There are just two cymbals which I had to split - the 14 inch hi-hat and 18 inch crash. For these you will need to create your own folders (inside your 'bowed cymbals' folder) and call them '14 Inch Hi Hat Top Samples' and '18 Inch Crash Samples' then unpack the two rar files for each cymbal into these new folders. The rar of nki files should also be unpacked straight into your 'bowed cymbal' folder, so that the nki files sit one level above the sample folders.

    Hope you enoy these. Please let me know if any of the downloads don't work, or are corrupted, or if there's a problem with any of the samples.

    The mapping of the samples isn't terribly sophisticated. I simply tried to order them by the pitch of the most prominent harmonic in each sound. Many sounds have the same harmonic most prominent, but, rather than map them in a round robin I've assigned them to separate keys so that everything is as accessible as possible.

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    Re: Free Bowed Cymbals

    First of all a big thank you Pingu!

    I'm downloading right now (and see that there've been some downloads already), but for some reason my download is extremely slow! I mean I'm on 8 Mbit broadband and the download is 8 Kb/sec... :-/

    Either way I'll try to dowload them and see how it goes...

    Again THANK YOU!

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    Re: Free Bowed Cymbals

    I think the slowness is at their end. I had some difficulty uploading as well. If it becomes too difficult I'll try and find anotherfilesharing place.

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    Re: Free Bowed Cymbals

    Hey Pingu,

    Thank you so much for sharing these samples, and for sharing them as .wav files.

    In the next few days I will try to assemble .gig files out of them, unless someone else beats me to the punch...
    — alanb




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    Re: Free Bowed Cymbals

    Hey Pingu

    First a big thank you for sharing this.

    Like Nikolas, the download is extremely slow!

    Maybe you should try to contact Kara-Moon - I'm sure they will host the files.


    Best regards

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    Re: Free Bowed Cymbals

    I would also like to say thanks - downloading.

    it is slow ... :-)

    Well, kara-moon only will allow for registered fellows, so that is pretty scary.

    Thaks for putting it in a accessible place :-)


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    Re: Free Bowed Cymbals

    Quote Originally Posted by steff3
    Well, kara-moon only will allow for registered fellows, so that is pretty scary.
    ??? - What's scary about that?
    You also need to be registered to write on this forum.


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    Re: Free Bowed Cymbals

    Thanks. I've signed up at Kara and Moon, and contacted them about whether they can provide this much space. I'll get back to you when I hear.

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    Re: Free Bowed Cymbals

    Thanks for sharing these, Dave! Makes great stuff for soundscapes! I think, with a violin bow, you might get more high harmonics. I'd love to here that as well - I might try that myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by alanb
    In the next few days I will try to assemble .gig files out of them, unless someone else beats me to the punch...
    If you use automapping (the instrument wizard) in the GS editor, it should be pretty easy. Make sure you have the editor detect the pitches by note numbers.

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    Re: Free Bowed Cymbals

    Only problem with Kara-Moon (if I remember correctly) is that they don't actually mirror the file (with a link), but you have to go to their forum and register before downloading. OF course all is fair in traffic war, still it doesn't seem like the best solution... :-/

    Anything is better than savefile. I have to redownload the music stand and the 14 inch top, which sucks cause right now the speed is 3.3 Kb/sec! The 15.1 Mb will take me 1:15 (hours) hahaha...

    Either way pingu this IS great AND sounds GREAT! Plus you have the wav files in for anyone to use really...

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