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Topic: GOOD Computer Cases - HELP

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    GOOD Computer Cases - HELP

    I\'m looking for a good QUIET case for a giga machine. Rackmounts are nice but a bit pricey, I haven\'t found them for less than $150. I\'ve looked at the EN-7200 by Enlight desktop case that I could easily sit on a rack unit, but have no idea how quiet it may or may not be. I don\'t want to spend a ton of money on case, I\'d rather put $ into other areas of the computer. I don\'t care if its a tower sitting on its side, as long as its quiet and is ATX compatible. Any suggestions??



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    Re: GOOD Computer Cases - HELP

    Hi Scores4film,

    I think your Enlight case will be fine, it\'s the power supply that\'s the potential noise problem. Most cases come with them, but I was able to find a case at newegg.com without a power supply. Than go to either www.pcpowercooling.com or www.quietpc.com and get a quiet power supply. The other noise issue will be the CPU cooler. Tomshardware.com did a nice roundup of CPU coolers recently and I know the article is still available. That\'s a page you should be reading regularly anyway. Good luck.

    Steve Chandler
    aka Ettienne

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    Re: GOOD Computer Cases - HELP

    I don\'t care if its a tower sitting on its side
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I just posted a question about this on another forum about 10 seconds before reading this - is it OK to do this or does it place any extra stress on the HD?


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