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Topic: GPO cant find sample library.

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    GPO cant find sample library.

    For some reason GPO cant find its own sample library. When i open it up and go to select an instrument it comes up with no instrument menu. I did lose they library when i lost my ext. hard drive but got a new one and installed the library on that. When i go to options in gpo it sees where the GPO library is but when i click on it in Finder Choose menu it comes up saying: No suitable contentfile was found at the selected location!
    What to do? reinstall?
    Help please.

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    Re: GPO cant find sample library.

    I just had the same thing happen a few days ago. I just installed the latest update. When I started up GPO it asked to point to the library and it found it. This wasn't working on the older version I had on the hard drive.


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