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Topic: 2 PCs and midi, beginner guestion...

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    2 PCs and midi, beginner guestion...

    First of all thanks helping me out with KVM issue, but now I have to ask for your help again.

    Now I have two PCs and one midikeyboard. How do you control two gigastudios and record midi information with one keyboard? Should I connect KB\'s midi out -> PC1 midi in and PC1 midi out -> PC2 midi in? Or should I buy somekind of midicontroller/switcher -thingy?

    PC1=Cubase SX and gigastudio (audiophile 2496)
    PC2=only gigastudio (no soundcard yet, still looking...)

    Thanks again. Maybe I\'m just thinking an easy thing in the hard way...

    Tapani S.

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    Re: 2 PCs and midi, beginner guestion...

    Originally posted by Lee Blaske:
    Obviously, you\'ll also need a MIDI interface for the second computer (unless you\'re going to do the MIDI over LAN solution).

    Lee Blaske
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I\'ll try that LAN option. My friend uses something like that. Do you have any LAN/midi-programs?

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