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Topic: Trilogy-Logic 7.2-help pls

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    Trilogy-Logic 7.2-help pls


    I have a problem with getting Trilogy Bass Module visible in Logic 7.2.3 on my Mac Intel.
    Anybody have had the same issue?

    The installation is problem free, but ones Trilogy is installed, Logic’s AU Plug-In manager cant see the Bass Module ….?

    Can anyone help me on this?

    Best regards
    Jeppe - Denmark

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    Re: Trilogy-Logic 7.2-help pls

    Trilogy isnt yet compatibel to Intelmacs.
    You have to wait for the UB update.

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    Re: Trilogy-Logic 7.2-help pls

    There is a work around to use Trilogy on an intel mac: http://www.spectrasonics.net/news/Wo...Intel-Mac.html

    I dont own Trilogy or an intel mac, but this should work for you. best of luck!

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