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Topic: Help - Gigastudio has started crashing!

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    Help - Gigastudio has started crashing!

    Hello everyone
    I have a problem opening Gigastudio - it is constantly crashing and telling me there is an error in file kernel32.dll. If I then try to open the program and run the diagnostic checks, the program dies before completing the tests. It has been working fine but I installed a new program the other day and now it crashes. I tried uninstalling the other program (a game) but the same still happens. Has anyone any ideas on what I could do? I have already completely uninstalled and reinstalled the program to no avail. I\'ve just ordered a new sound library too!!

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    Re: Help - Gigastudio has started crashing!

    Hi, it sounds like you are running Win98? I always used to get that error message with that horrible O.S. Unfortunately uninstalling the game will probably do no good. Some badly written applications write over system files, often with an older version than the one you currently have. When you uninstall the program it doesnt fix the problem - it leaves the old DLL
    file there.

    Try doing a search on; \"kernel32.dll error\" you\'ll find a lot of people suffer from this problem. It can be caused for a lot of reasons; bad ram, corrupted password files, all sorts of things.
    One suggestion would be to move to XP. It is regarded as one of the most stable operating systems ever built with the largest driver database in existence.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Help - Gigastudio has started crashing!

    No, I\'m using ME! I don\'t believe that is the problem as it was working fine a few days ago.
    I\'ll do a search as you suggested.

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    Re: Help - Gigastudio has started crashing!

    Hi LLoyd, Win98, 98SE and ME run over DOS and all reference the kernel32.DLL.

    They are not considered the most reliable operating systems around.

    I think Windows ME might have a system restore function, the same as XP? If so, perhaps you could roll back your system a day or two, or at least to when you last thought it was reliable.

    Cheers, Scott.

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